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Your 2019 Board Unveiled

Your votes are in and we are pleased to unveil your Board for 2019.

Over 100 members came together on Tuesday 29 February for our annual AGM at Queen’s Wharf Hotel to elect a new Board of Directors for 2019.

A diverse range of leaders will represent hyp in 2019, including professionals from the legal, finance, communications and engineering sectors to name a few.

We are pleased to unveil your Board for 2019 as voted by you! You will recognise some familiar faces as they return to the Board in 2019, as well as some new leaders who will enable hyp to continue to thrive…

Executive Directors:
/ Lauren Armstrong, President
/ Madeleine Tiedeman, Vice President
/ Chanel Egan, Secretary
/ Jessica Cole, Treasurer

Non-Executive Directors:
/ Danielle O’Neill, Communications Subcommittee
/ Jordan Hoey, Sponsorship Subcommittee
/ Kate-Eliza David, Sponsorship Subcommittee
/ Louise Mackay, Communications Subcommittee (returning Director)
/ Ron Tong, Events Subcommittee
/ Sam Slack-Smith, Membership Subcommittee (returning Director)
/ Tamara Parker, Communications Subcommittee
/ Ziah Elliott, Events Subcommittee

Front L-R: Chanel Egan, Madeleine Tiedeman, Lauren Armstrong, Jessica Cole. Back L-R: Sam Slack-Smith, Louise Mackay, Jordan Hoey, Kate-Eliza David, Ron Tong, Danielle O’Neill, Ziah Elliott, and Tamara Parker.

What’s next? In twenty-nineteen hyp will empower you to discover and explore your best self through our regular events and workshops as we share our professional connections and industry insights with you. Stay tuned to find out more about your new hyp Board and our upcoming events.

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Photo thanks to KMackay Photography.