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Why I’m a part of HYP, and why you should be too

“There were actually other people out there, in the Hunter area, that were just like me…”

Back in 2013, I’d had enough. Enough of my job, of my boss, enough of the commute – enough of everything. The temptation to go out on my own, start a business and do things my way was so great that Wink Reports was born in my rumpus room with a dream of working when it suited me, ONLY doing what interested me and conquering the world.

Here now in 2016, some of that has come to fruition – I usually work when it suits me 😉

Over the last three years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have some moderate success, earning enough to keep it going along the way and now have a small business with a great bunch of team members and customers on four continents. Balancing parenthood with running a business has been tough but rewarding.

The only downside; I realised I had become a bit of a hermit – sitting at the desk in my home office for long hours, not getting out enough (Skype and FaceTime make meetings from anywhere too easy) and I started to lose touch with the local landscape of where, when and on what my peers were working on.

Then one day (again at my computer), a connection popped up on LinkedIn as having a new role – HYP Director, and thus my interest in HYP was born.

Glancing at the HYP website that first time was like an awakening – there were actually other people out there, in the Hunter area, that were just like me that I could connect and network with. Where was this when I’d left Uni and entered the workforce? I’ve since found out, HYP was previously called the Hunter Junior Chamber of Commerce and had been around for ages. I don’t know about you, but ‘HYP’ sounds way better.

More recently, as Wink Reports has grown, I’ve had to recruit new team members. Seeking new grads for software development roles can be like looking for a needle in a haystack as they may be great at what they do but they tend to be terrible at establishing an online presence, let alone a personal brand and so trawling through job ad responses and finding the right person for a role was extremely tedious.

What became apparent was that this group needed a platform to get out and meet their peers, prospects and future employers while learning about what it’s really like in the professional landscape. Not having had this myself when I entered the workforce in 2001, I thought it a great opportunity to get involved with HYP and provide advice and direction on my experiences of what HYP members could benefit from.

Six months into the Director role, I’ve found that the events so far this year have been an excellent springboard for all of those points and the feedback we’ve had from members has been great.

What would you like to get out of HYP? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know.

– Andrei Gromek