Usher Tinkler

Usher Tinkler is one of Australia’s most dynamic young winemakers.

Along with his grandfather and father, he is apart of three generations of farming expertise; the dairyman, the cattleman and the winemaker. They all share the same name and united passion for the land. As a tribute to this, Usher Tinkler Wines was born.

Located in the original Pokolbin Church, that was built in 1905, the Usher Tinkler Wines Cellar Door showcases the brand that consists of a unique mix of wines. Shifting a gear in the Hunter Valley, the wines are authentic yet adventurous. Blurring the lines between traditional and contemporary winemaking. Wines that create discussion – born for sociability.

We are excited to announce that Usher Tinkler will be speaking at our next event at Earp Distilling Co on Tuesday, 30th March 2021. We can’t wait to learn more about Usher’s passion for taking a modern approach to wine making. Purchase your tickets here.