Tim Maddison

Tim Maddison is the managing director of Maddison Safety, director of Envirus Technologies and a director of CSS Group. 

Tim has 20 years’ experience in creating efficient B2B solutions, supply chain initiatives and technical safety product sales.

Maddison Safety’s national network and reputation in the safety industry has allowed it to grow and develop its vision and strategy and has also created beneficial opportunities for many of its clients.

Tim works tirelessly with his clients to help them realise their goals when it comes to safety, health, wellbeing and business strategy.

After spending 10 years plying his trade in the NRL, Tim’s passion for building teams and strengthening individuals equal to that required in the sporting arena remains strong today.

Tim’s clients benefit from his and Maddison Safety’s focus on team building, self-care and mental health. Tim’s passion in this space means Maddison Safety is seen as much more than a supplier of PPE and Industrial Consumables.

We are thrilled to have Tim join us at our next event at Earp Distilling Co on Tuesday, 30th March 2021. Purchase your tickets here.