“I wish I had of gone”
“How did you get him”
“This venue is fantastic”

2015 HYP Gold Partner Event; Technology, disruption & you

Where were we? Who did we get? What did you miss out on? – David Vander General Manager of Microsoft for the Asia Pacific region inspired and  energised HYP members at the Newcastle Museum for the 2015 HYP Gold Partner; Technology, disruption & you, event.

The ‘Our Community Your University’ exhibition  facilitated networking as members absorbed the rich history of The University of Newcastle. Featuring over 150 Alumni profiles, the exhibition inspires you to dream big but act small on your pursuit to greatness.

There is more often than not a level of ambition for one’s career to develop in the best possible way. At times it can be difficult to define this path as industries change and society develops. Mr Vander’s message was simple “the pace of change is so quick one must adapt or otherwise be relegated”, attributing his career success to continual education, career planning, flexibility and hard work!

This simple message was so inspiring to our members Mr Vander extended his presentation to touch on topics such as ‘the next big thing’ and offering his advice to those members contemplating a career shift across industries. Mr Vander believes data is the way of the future and promotes any industry involved in the collation, storage, analysis and /or application of this data as playing a vital role in the future world economy.  Benjamin Franklin was also an advocate for education having said “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”. Mr Vander’s advice for any Young Professional looking to develop or diversify their career was to invest in their own education for education not only provides a theoretical foundation it also shows personal commitment and direction.

HYP appreciates the on-going support of The University of Newcastle and looks forward to delivering value to HYP members and UON Alumnus.