Newcastle Now is an independent, non-profit, a-political organisation funded by CBD property owners to drive the CBD forward through activation. We work to create a positive, active environment that stimulates economic and social life in the City Centre.

Newcastle NOW has sponsored significant events and projects that showcase the city centre. These include: Surfest, Newcastle Writers Festival, Newcastle Jazz Festival, French Film Festival, Start House Incubation Program, and Renew Newcastle, among others. We have 5 volunteer Precinct Groups (East End, West End, Darby, Civic, and Honeysuckle) and since 2011, have also managed Nobbys Lighthouse & Grounds. The L!veSites placemaking initiative, formerly run by Newcastle City Council, is now solely managed by Newcastle NOW and provides innovative cultural experiences for residents and tourists alike.

Our vision is to create a vibrant city centre where businesses and professional services are successful, and residents, workers and visitors enjoy a unique lifestyle. To support this vision, we provide advocacy for CBD business interests; coordinate collaborative efforts that benefits businesses in the city and support businesses to become an integral part of the movement driving the CBD forward.

Our affiliate partnership with Hunter Young Professionals was established so we could work together to help improve our city, foster career development opportunities and encourage community involvement.

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