From a young age, Matt always had an inquisitive relationship with technology and a yearn to explore the inner-workings of it all (much to his parent’s dismay always finding their newly-purchased computers being pulled apart on the floor of their study).

The creative passion for capturing life behind a lens didn’t start up until he moved to Newcastle, NSW for University. At first, it was an original GoPro, then that moved on to the next model up, so on and so forth. The next purchase moved him into still photography with a Canon DSLR, then into aerial videography with a DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter and finally onto a mirrorless Lumix GH4.

With each new piece of technology, his creativity grew exponentially and with it, so did his passion. With each new toy, he sought to always be continually pushing both his boundaries of creative expression as well as the boundaries of what’s capable of each device.