Sharni Campbell

Sharni Campbell

Director, SC People
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Sharni Campbell is the Founder and Director of SC People. SC People specialises in real estate, property and financial services recruitment and aims to provide a ‘more than recruitment’ service by building close, trusting relationships with both their clients and candidates. Drawing on her background in the real estate industry and knowledge of organisational psychology, Sharni launched SC People in 2021 and due to its success, she is proud to welcome Sarah Orr to the team to support the continued growth of the business.

As a Co-Founder of the Hunter Diversity & Inclusion Collective, Sharni is a passionate advocate for the incorporation of best practice recruitment methodologies, partnered with new innovations in the recruitment process to create more diverse and inclusive organisations within the Hunter community. Sharni is also a participant in the 2021 HunterNet Future Leaders Program and is invested in the continued development of leaders within the Hunter region.

What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

Early morning workouts with my awesome friends at The Concept or the FitPit crew!

Where do you see your industry heading and how have you positioned yourself to benefit from these changes?

Like all industries, the recruitment industry is evolving at a rapid pace. There are many key areas of change including technology, deep specialisation, more heavily incorporating psychological science, revisiting best-practice methodologies, how to remove unconscious bias and create more inclusive recruitment practices within organisations. What does the future of the workforce look like?  Aiming for mastery rather than a ‘career’ and much, much more. Ultimately, our industry owes it to our clients to strive to be the absolute experts in people strategy and overtime I see our clients continuing to lean on us for this holistic, strategic approach, rather than traditional transactional recruitment.

In order to stay at the forefront of innovations, whilst leveraging best-practice, SC People actively collaborate with other Recruitment, HR, Psychology and Business professionals. I believe it is through collaboration with SMEs (people who are much better at what they do than us!) and life-long learning that we will continue to innovate and create outstanding results for our clients.

What motivates and drives you?

Honestly (it sounds so corny!!), changing the cycle. I genuinely strive to be an example for others that you can achieve absolutely anything you set out to achieve in life, no matter your background.

I certainly do not take the privileges of my life for granted, however, I have been faced with some significant challenges and have built everything that I have for myself from the ground up. There were times in my life where it would have been easy to make decisions which would have seen my life take a drastically different path. However, I made sure to surround myself with the right people and dream of something better. You really can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Where would you like to be in 10 years?

In 10 years time I would like to be seen as a leader of innovation within the recruitment industry. I would like to continue to have incredibly strong and trusting relationships with my clients whilst also giving others the opportunity to grow within my business and achieve their personal goals. I would like to continue to support the growth and diversification of our region and in that, see us being recognised as a diverse, inclusive and thriving regional centre.

What advice would you give to someone five years younger than you, in any industry, to help them achieve success?

Work to truly understand what you bring to the table, then own your place at that table. We all have something unique to contribute to the world, and a right to make that contribution, do not let anyone dim your light.

Also, the power of networking. I am incredibly fortunate to have relationships with some truly inspiring people and I will always be very grateful for that.  Networking for the first time can be very daunting for some (if not everyone) but it is nothing to be scared of, you will be surprised how inclusive our community is. If ever in doubt or nervous, I would always recommend reaching out to the facilitators or board of directors and leverage their relationships to introduce you to people at your first couple of events. If all else fails, call me and I will take you along to an event!