Sara Gambrill and Amy Mahony

Navigating Risk

Sara and Amy are best friends from the Bay who decided to take a risk and make their dreams a reality.  They started out in humble beginnings collecting wares and storing them in the garages of their family homes to running a well-known successful business, A Beautiful Occasion. The business was started over 7 years ago, and has grown to become the region’s top wedding and event styling and floristry business. The journey hasn’t been easy however, over the years they have faced a number of challenges and have been forced to adapt in the ever-changing landscape of design, styling and staging of weddings and events.

Amy is a florist by trade and Sara has a long history in events management having worked as a function coordinator in some of the country’s top hotels. The skills and attributes of both Amy and Sara complement each other and have contributed largely to where they are today.

As a result of COVID, and the associated government restrictions on weddings and gatherings, the business has suffered significantly. Amy and Sara were faced with a choice to either let this overcome them, or to take a risk and diversify the business. With their shared ambition and strong desire to succeed they put their heads together and decided that it was now or never to take a risk and open a new sister company to A Beautiful Occasion. Something that complimented the existing business, and that they could continue on with even when things picked back up again with weddings and events.  Queue Bonnie + Scout!

Bonnie + Scout, affectionately named after Sara and Amy’s family dogs is a new and exciting initiative specialising in dried and preserved flowers. The business worked in perfectly with the current business model, in that it could be managed out of the existing warehouse and allowed them to leverage off existing suppliers and also their existing clientele base. It was also a more flexible way of reaching a broader market, instead of delivering to and servicing the Bay area they were able to tap into a much larger market, delivering Australia wide. With an increasing demand in dried arrangements, Bonnie + Scout allowed Amy and Sara to not only take advantage of a new market but to also use their skills and expertise to diversify and stay afloat during the pandemic.