Revitalise Newcastle

Volunteer to play a part in revitalising newcastle.

Hunter Young Professionals have partnered with Newcastle NOW in a bid to help improve our city, foster career development opportunities and encourage community involvement. 

Our members have expressed a desire to get involved in projects that benefit the growth and development of their community, so HYP have decided to coordinate and harness this energy through the establishment of a formalised volunteering portal.

Newcastle NOW has a long history at the front lines of revitalising Newcastle. They currently facilitate five precinct advisory groups that are responsible for developing and implementing ideas that build upon the unique character of each area and make it more pleasant place to live, work and play. The concept of ‘placemaking’is employed to realize this vision: a quiet movement that reimagines public spaces as the heart of every community, in every city. It’s a transformative approach that inspires people to create and improve their public places. Placemaking strengthens the connection between people and the places they share.

You can get involved in an advisory group, placemaking project or both by completing the form below. The details that you enter will be provided to Newcastle NOW’s volunteer database. You may be contacted by Newcastle NOW if a project comes up that matches your skills and interests.

NOTE: only voting members are eligible for this program. If you are not already a voting member of HYP, please complete your registration here. If you’re unsure about your membership status, please get in touch with us.