Hunter Young Professionals (HYP) is seeking to establish professional development partnerships with proactive local businesses that are passionate and committed to supporting and shaping the future of stand out employees.

The opportunity exists for local business to support the development of our future leaders whilst deriving tailored corporate value. The professional development partnerships are in the form of a scholarship that will activate a range of opportunities for young professionals, helping to fast track their development into a well-rounded businessperson. This partnership represents a company’s unique commitment to their young employees to assist in their development as the leaders of tomorrow.

Through this partnership, HYP is committing to an education pathway for those on a scholarship, which will deliver access to resources and funding for the individual in the following ways:

  • Regular mentoring meetings with a HYP Director (this could be the same two alternating HYP mentors or a different mentor each time)
  • “Buddy” system for events – for each event the scholarship recipient will be assigned a HYP Director to facilitate the introduction of connections
  • Invitation to attend two HYP board meetings 12-month scholarship period in an observational capacity, to help gain insight into the operation of a not for profit board
  • One non-transferrable ticket to each HYP event – including professional development workshops
  • Up to $200 sponsorship to attend networking events/relevant skills-building workshops (outside of HYP events)
  • Regular access and introduction to like-minded professionals for accelerated professional development.