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PKF Goal Setting Workshop 2017 Recap

What does success look like to you? Does it mean having more time to spend with friends and family? A rewarding career? Wealth? The ability to do whatever you want, when you want to?

On Thursday August 24th we explored how we, ourselves, can impact and lead the life we want by going outside of our comfort zones. Partner at PKF, Andrew Beattie inspired us through a presentation and goal setting workshop that brought into question who we are, who we want to be and how we can get there.

After a scrumptious buffet breakfast served by Newcastle Club and complete with bacon and egg muffins, Andrew shared the critical tools setting short, medium and long-term goals and bringing these into realisation. Here are just a few takeaways from the first of our series of three PKF workshops.

Own who you are

If you were asked to introduce yourself to someone new, would you start with your title?

Perfecting your elevator pitch is an important element of your career. Rather than focus on your title, start with the why – what can you offer the person you are talking to? Can you help change their life in some way?

Understanding why you do what you do will help you articulate that to others.

Try writing a 20-40 second elevator pitch at home that defines your purpose. Remember, you’ll probably refine this as your career evolves.

If you don’t have a target, you’ll hit it with amazing accuracy

Goals in your professional, health, personal, financial and even spiritual life are essential. Setting SMART (specific; measurable; achievable; realistic; time-based) short, medium and long terms goals will help drive you towards success (a measure that you will need to define yourself).

Andrew suggested writing out your goals on a piece of paper, laminating it and keeping the sheet in a place where you will constantly be reminded of them, such as in the shower or on the fridge.

Even better, share your goals with someone else so they can help keep you accountable.

Step outside your comfort zone

It’s easy to stick to your safety net to avoid judgement. However, many of the great leaders throughout history have spent much time outside their comfort zones, pushing themselves beyond the status quo to achieve great things. It’s only when you give up what’s familiar that you can expand your skills, knowledge and capabilities.

At the end of the hands-on workshop, Andrew left us with a motivational message – if you don’t plan the life you want, you’ll get the one you’re given.

The workshops takeaways have certainly left an impact on us all.

Andrew’s videos

Andrew has also shared the links of the videos he had in his presentation. Click on the links below to access the videos.

Stay tuned for more

Make sure you keep an eye out on our website for the details of the next two PKF workshops in this three-part series:

Workshop 2: Leading your team (details coming soon)

The second workshop is designed to assist you to gain an understanding of the mindset and skills required to effectively lead your team. The workshop will include activities to empower you to:

  • Focus your mindset – it’s not about you
  • Communicate effectively including giving feedback and ‘telling your whole truth’
  • Understand motivation and how to uncovers individual drivers

Workshop 3: Leading a business (details announced in 2018)

The final workshop is designed to assist you to gain an understanding of key business concepts required to effectively lead your business. The workshop will explore the following concepts:

  • Keeping a balanced scorecard
  • Organisational strategy
  • Measuring performance