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Our New Initiative: Alumni In Focus

In 1675 Isaac Newton used ‘…standing on the shoulders of giants’ to metaphorically represent discovering truth by building on previous discoveries.

HYP in its many forms has existed for decades and throughout this time we have had countless members achieve personal and professional greatness. The Alumni in Focus series aims to share the successes of our past and show current members the variety of pathways to career success that exist in Newcastle. Throughout the series we will interview exemplary members of the HYP alumni community and share this dialogue directly with our members for their own professional development. Think an autobiographical audiobook of rich experiences, lessons, tips and tricks.

As a junior chamber and as a young professionals network, HYP unites passionate professionals in a collective conversation to meet new people, explore new concepts and visit new venues.

Our very first HYP Alumni In Focus is Mark Kentwell, Director at PRD Nationwide. In 5 snappy videos he outlines his career, his passion for Newcastle and his hopes for the future.

View our Alumni In Focus page here and click through to watch Mark’s interview.