Join The Board

Board nominations for 2021 are now open! To apply for the Board click here!  Board nominations open in December each year and the Board is elected at the AGM in January. If you are interested in joining the hyp Board in the future, we encourage you to become a member and get involved now. See below for more information about nominating for the Board.

The hyp Board is comprised of twelve members; four Executive Director positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary) and eight Non-Executive Director positions. Any hyp member is eligible to nominate as a Non-Executive director. Only existing Board Members are eligible to nominate for Executive positions.

We ask that you read the FAQs below regarding what it means to be a Board Member before nominating. If you have any further questions on the commitments and responsibilities of board members before nominating please reach out to any of our current board members who will be happy to talk to you.

Nominating yourself as a non-executive director

You need to be a registered voting member of hyp (not just on our mailing list). If you are unsure whether you are a member or not please email

Note: Consider your skills and experiences which you can draw on within your role as director, your industry or background, your ability to make and maintain good relationships, your image and ability to maintain that desired of a board representative, professionalism, dedication etc. It is good to have a broad base of members of the board who can bring about varying levels of experience, knowledge, industry diversity and passion which will drive the organisation to grow.

Sub Committee position descriptions:

Applying for the board FAQs

I’m interested in becoming a Board Member, what should I do?

Firstly, read all the information on this page (including the position descriptions above). Here you will find all the information you need to know about becoming a Board Member. After reading this information, submit an application via the form at the bottom of this page.

In the meantime, talk to some of the Board Members at an event, or shoot them an email. They’ll be happy to tell you what is involved and how the process works.

What does it mean to be a Board member?

hyp is an incorporated non-profit organisation. The Board Members are a group of members elected each year to run and maintain the organisation and grow it in line with the aims of the members.

What’s the deal with being on the board?

Everything you see hyp do is through the hard work of a Board of Directors who volunteer their time because they are passionate about the cause. Also, these roles are fun, expand your network base, allow you to practice your public speaking, build your personal brand and help you develop great leadership skills. But they aren’t positions to be taken lightly!

There is a level of commitment you must bring to continue to make hyp the success it has come to be. It’s a very exciting time for everyone involved. The initiatives we have successfully executed in the past few years demonstrate our enthusiasm through constant evolution and we have even bigger plans ahead!

Are board members remunerated for their work?

No, these positions are entirely voluntary so the Directors do not get paid for their work.

What is the time commitment required of Board Members?

Participation on the hyp Board requires approximately 20 hours per month. This involves monthly Board meetings, monthly subcommittee meetings, hyp events and carrying out your duties as a Director and member of a team. Please consider if you are able to meet these requirements before nominating as a Director.

What is a director?

A Director is someone who is legally appointed as a person responsible for an organisation.

What do the directors do?

The directors have a wide range of responsibilities. Some responsibilities are met by all Directors, and others are for specific people. These responsibilities are often split up depending on each person’s skills or passions (e.g. event planning, marketing, sponsorship etc) or based on their position (Treasurer, President etc).

Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Attending monthly board meetings
  • Event planning: booking venues, negotiating prices, arranging catering, promotions and advertising, sourcing topics and presenters etc.
  • Maintaining the organisation: checking mail, maintaining records such as meeting minutes, financials, maintaining statutory requirements.
  • Strategic planning: working to improve HYP and achieve more for members including implementing new initiatives, different types or ways of running and improving events.
  • Organisation promotion: sourcing sponsorship and maintaining relationships, finding new members, liaising with the Newcastle business community, increasing awareness of the organisation.
  • Online presence: maintaining our website, arranging our e-mailouts, updating our ticketing websites, maintaining and improving our social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.

What skills are valued on the board?

Whilst there are some basic skills required by all Directors, our Board works best when we have people with a wide range of specialised skills (e.g. finance, event planning, marketing, strategic vision etc). This allows us to delegate responsibilities based on expertise and ensure the organisation runs smoothly. Some of the desired skills include:

  • Good personal organisation and time management
  • Interpersonal skills to work as a team and network
  • Leadership skills
  • Public speaking, written and oral communications skills
  • Accounting and budgeting skills
  • Marketing, promotions and graphic design skills
  • Event planning and management
  • IT skills
  • Legal skills
  • Sponsorship and business development

Board nominations – rules and processes in a nutshell:

It is expected that members have been actively involved in hyp events before running for a Board position.

After we receive all nomination forms at the end of the calendar year, the details of nominating members will be posted on our website. We send an email directing members to this page once it is set up. This will give voting members details of those up for nomination, and which positions they wish to be nominated for.

If a position is not challenged (i.e. not more than one person going for each position) then the position is automatically awarded to that nominee. If the position is challenged, you as a voting member are encouraged to attend the AGM to vote for those you wish to occupy each of the roles that are challenged. You will not be able to vote unless you attend the AGM.

How do I nominate to be on the board?

Only members may be nominated for a Board position. When nominations open in December, you will be able to submit an application on this page to join the Board.

How does the nomination and voting process work?

Nominations are collated by the Board after applications close. Please note that the information in your application (except contact information) will be published on our website and distributed to our members prior to the AGM to allow members to make an informed vote.

At the AGM in January, the results from the previous 12 months are presented and the members will elect a new board. Only registered members of hyp are permitted to vote in the election of the board.

Election of Executive Directors: Each executive position (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary) will be elected individually. If there is more than one nomination for an executive position there will be a vote amongst members. If there is only one nomination that person is automatically elected. If there are no nominations for a position, non-executive nominees will be called upon to run for that position. All executive positions must be filled.

Election of Non-Executive Directors: There are 8 positions available. If there are more than 8 nominees, a vote will be had and the 8 candidates with the highest number of votes being elected. If there are less than 8 nominees all are elected.