Quinton Andrew

Oral Health Therapist, Live Life Smiling Orthodontics

Quinton is an Oral Health Therapist at Live Life Smiling Orthodontics in Broadmeadow. His role includes placing and removing braces, managing the oral health of patients, and adding the final aesthetic touches to teeth. Quinton studied at Griffith University in the Gold Coast, before moving to Cairns to begin his career. Quinton moved to Newcastle 2 years ago and is finding the Newcastle lifestyle great. In his free time, he likes to stay active, playing cricket and touch football.

How do you manage your work/life balance?

Although my job can be stressful, at the end of the day if there’s no patient, there’s no work. This means that I can’t take home work with me, allowing a separation of work and my own time.

What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

Probably sport. I’ve played sport my whole life, and love watching the footy and cricket.

Where do you see your industry heading and how have you positioned yourself to benefit from these changes?

The Dental Board of Australia has recently changed the scope of practice for my profession, allowing an expansion of what Oral Health Therapists are allowed to do. This means that I will have the ability to expand on who I can treat and what procedures I can do.

The big advantage of being at my work is that my boss gives me freedom in how I treat patients and is pro-active in the changes within dentistry. This allows me to go to many courses, further training me with more skills and procedures to help patients.

What characteristics do you think an individual needs to be successfulin your profession (or in general)?

Good Communication. In my line of work, I am explaining extremely complex problems or procedures and it is extremely important to have the ability to be able to word it in different ways, so that patients understand.

In a world where there is Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and all the new ways to communicate, I still believe that the spoken word is key.

What 3 words best describe you?

Honest, weird, Asian