Liam Buxton

Project Planner, Barr Property and Planning

Liam is a Newcastle born-and-bred NBA fanatic who has had a diverse career as a Chemist and is now currently employed by Barr Property and Planning as a Project Planner. He commenced his professional career as an Industrial Chemist after graduating from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Science (Honours). After practising for a few years, Liam came to the realisation that he was not cut out for the life as a Chemist.

He enrolled in a Masters of Urban and Regional Planning degree at the University of Sydney and has not looked back. Currently, Liam is employed as a Project Planner with Barr Property and Planning. “Although I’m industry focussed, I try to devote my time, skill and experience to the provision of affordable housing,” he said.

1. What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

Basketball. My annual subscription to the NBA provides me with countless hours of buckets – to the detriment of my relationship.

2. What motivates and drives you?

My wife Holly, without a doubt – she is the most motivated, driven, intelligent and caring person I have ever met; if every facet of her life. I can confidently say, that without her I would not be where I am today.

3. How do you define success?

Success should be derived from happiness. Although, commonly it is interpreted as proportionate to economic and/or social status. “Success” stems from being able to set measurable and attainable goals to promote sustainable, equitable growth, both personally and professionally.

4. What local professionals have had a significant influence on your and what have you learnt from them?

Planning Institute of Australia, specifically Young Planners. Being a part of PIA Young Planners has provided me with the opportunity to expand my personal and professional network with like-minded and driven planning professionals. During my short time with Young Planners I have hosted events, participated on panel discussions at conferences and advocated for increased membership engagement within the regions.

5. Do you have a life motto/mantra that keeps you going?

Everything happens for a reason.