Jye Smith


Jye is a Branch Manager at the Greater Bank and is a Director at the Greater Charitable Foundation. Jye has spent that past six years helping the Greater Bank service their customers and expand its business. Jye is a very community focused individual and his involvement with the Greater Charitable Foundation has helped fund practical, life-changing initiatives which directly support families and communities.

Previous to working at the Greater Bank, Jye spent eight years working at McDonalds where he quickly rose up through the ranks and was a manager at just 20 years old. Jye is one HYP’s most loyal supporters and is a regular attendee at our events. Be sure to keep a look out for Jye at our events in 2017.

  1. How do you manage your work/life balance?

I am very lucky to have a job that I enjoy and I have such a supportive family around me. I am driven by achieving results for my customers, and seeing the difference we can make to peoples’ lives is a constant motivation for me. Greater Bank, being customer owned, is a community focussed organisation which gives me (and sometimes my family) great opportunities to make a difference to the community through sponsorships, local events and the Greater Charitable Foundation. Away from work just being able to relax and have weekends away with the family keeps me refreshed.

  1. Where do you see your industry heading and how have you positioned yourself to benefit from these changes?

Our industry is continuing to change and I don’t believe anyone can give a definite answer on where banking will be in the future.

The key point for the industry is that, as in all businesses, the customer’s needs will drive the industry. From this, the key challenge for the financial industry will be to be able to service customers where and when they want to be served.

Offering a great customer experience comes down to more than friendly, expert employees. At the Greater Bank we understand that customer’s have changing needs and lifestyles, therefore we are continually building on our strong customer service foundations by reviewing and improving our products, pricing, and service delivery (both face to face and online) to make sure they meet customers’ expectations.

  1. What characteristics do you think an individual needs to be successful in your profession?

I think there are three characteristics to being successful in my role.

  • Be People Focussed – whether you are talking to a lead, a customer or a colleague – you need to be able to be present and focussed on how you can help that person.
  • Lead By Example – Look after your staff, teach them, grow them and ensure they come to work because they want to, not because they have to. If you do this, they will look after your customers and in turn you will drive more sales, have fewer complaints and build an excellent working culture.
  • Love What You Do – Be interested and excited about what you are doing. This will become infectious for customers and staff and the rewards of that will look after themselves.
  1. What motivates and drives you?

Motivation and drive basically comes from my family. So I’m a Dad of a boy and a girl and I’ve got my beautiful wife Sharni as well. I want to do the best that I possibly can for the time that I have got here to ensure they get the best in life.

From the work perspective, getting to work every day and pleasing the person in front of me nothing beats that – whether or not it’s my staff, whether or not it’s my customers or whether or not it is outside of work with friends and family I want to better wherever I possibly can for those guys.

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