Jesse Wilton

Image sourced: Newcastle Herald

Real Estate, Villager Property

Jesse is a relative new comer to the real estate game after being victim to the mining downturn that hit so many Novocastrians.

It was at this stage where Jesse was able to follow his true passion and start a fresh career in real estate. With his mentor about to open a new real estate business, the stars were aligning and it was all systems go for this young gun.

Finish this sentence: Work/life balance is…

Working an ideal day / week, knowing that when I show up to work I am in work mode. In real estate, we worked to a calendar year that we know when the market will give us opportunity to take a week or two off mid-year and another around Christmas, I believe it’s vital to take time off and enjoy a holiday to keep you fresh.

Your current job at Villager property started from a connection you had with Ben Tindall that you initiated when you were building your own property portfolio whilst working in the mining industry. How did you keep in contact with him, is he a mentor now, was this a formal thing or how did it come about?

Ben and I kept close from my early 20’s. We were introduced by a mutual friend that suggested the idea to ben and I, as I was constantly following and talking about the Newcastle property market. Ben and I had an informal discussion about it and I took the opportunity with both hands and have loved every minute of it, ben is a great mentor and someone who I truly admire.

HYP has been on an innovation journey this year and you have been to many events, have you been innovative this year personally or professionally as a result of this?

The HYP events have been worldly this year and it’s been great to see how people have owned their careers. You hear often the ‘cliché success leaves clues’ which I do believe in, but you also need to break away from the crowd if everyone is zigging one way you need to zag the other and stand out in the process. Personally, this year has been my biggest learning curve finding out what works for me and what my ideal client respects. Once I have clarified and identified both things, I will be honing in on them and perfecting them like a fine art.

What characteristics do you think an individual needs to be successful in your profession?

One of the first things we will ask a client is “What is most important to them when choosing someone to represent their home”. I believe you need to feel comfortable with who you are working for and they need to feel comfortable with you as a person and your professional abilities, that’s a recipe for success right there.

Where do you see your industry heading in Newcastle and how have you positioned yourself to benefit from these changes?

I think Newcastle is in the process of achieving greatness, it’s not hard to look around and see how amazing our backyard is. Each suburb has, and still is, creating its own identity which I love watching unfold around me. We are currently seeing high demand from Sydney and interstate buyers wanting to relocate or invest here, having the market knowledge and time to help people find the area which is best suited to their desired lifestyle will only help your personal business.

Do you have a life motto/mantra that keeps you going on those not so enjoyable days?

Stay humble and make your own luck.

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Image sourced: Newcastle Herald