Brenden Lowbridge

Finance Strategist & Property Developer / Investor, Money Links


My name is Brenden Lowbridge. I  have been living in Newcastle since 1997 (what a year that was!!) and have been working in the finance and property industries since 2009.

I finished school and without an ATAR ventured into working life for, at the time, what was NSW’s largest property developer at a project on Lake Macquarie. My role for the developer was in sales of new homes and vacant land. This is where a strong passion for property began!

Fast forward 12 months…. The GFC hits, all of the excavation equipment is moved off the project…. as am I!  No hard feelings, just a hard market in that industry and at the end of the day I was young, so I moved on to the next chapter. I meet a local mortgage broker Kristen at the gym and discuss the industry and her business. I get put on as a trainee loan processor and away I go. This is the same time that I sign up for Commerce at UoN (Finance & Economics). It is also around the time that I start to look at property investment myself.

It is a tough slog on not the best income when you start out (even tougher when many of your friends are working in the mines at that time!!!!), but I stick to it and years on it starts to pay dividends. So much so that when I finish uni 5 years on and graduate, I decide that I will not chase a bank job like many others and stick with the mortgage broking industry that I have begun to love. 3 years after this I am lucky enough to get named Regional Broker of the Year at the Better Business Awards and ranked 10th in Australia for loan settlements written by brokers under the age of 30.

I continue to work hard as a contracting broker while running my property development company Koslow Property Group (currently about to commence it’s 5th project) and then another opportunity and change of direction comes along; a good friend and mentor of mine Garry Ross gives me an opportunity to become a partner with him in his Brokerage (Money Links) and work with him as part of his succession plan. Together we assist many borrowers not only get into debt, but help them with strategies to eliminate their debt and ultimately become financially free and enjoy many more choices in life!  Wealth creation through property has truly become an extreme passion of mine – it is all I know!

  1. How do you manage your work/life balance?

Work life balance is an interesting one. I am always working and always living life…. the two integrate. My clients can call me anytime. If it is a Sunday and I am pre-occupied with ‘life’ I may not answer at that point, but I will always get back to them. Many people ask me how many hours I work. I can’t really answer that – it’s all one beautiful mix!

  1. Where do you see your industry heading and how have you positioned yourself to benefit from these changes?

Our industry (broking) is in a very big transition period with compliance, commission reviews and disruption coming from fin-tech and online platforms. I personally think the brokers like myself who offer in depth strategy and education (not just a loan product) will gain more market share. Those pushing rate may struggle – rate is secondary. I wan’t all of my clients to be retired young and not needing a pension (if there even is one when we retire). They genuinely know I want to see them and their families wealthy and am willing to assist in making sure this happen. This sets me apart.

  1. What motivates and drives you?

I love growing and becoming better every day. But more than anything I want to have choices in my life. A choice to travel tomorrow, a choice to buy the best bottle of wine on the wine list, a choice to turn left when I get on the plane (not right). A choice to allow my partner not to have to work when we have kids, a choice to set up our families and future generations financially and eliminate all financial stresses.

Choices are nice!

  1. What characteristics do you think an individual needs to be successful in your profession?

My profession I believe just takes time and hard work. Don’t quit, but also don’t get in the habit of going and getting a coffee every hour and a half and pass it off as working (or ‘net working’). Stick at it and also find someone you look up to in the industry and take them to lunch. Being good with people is a good trait. Being able to build report with people is important and like anything, love what you do. It is contagious and people are drawn to it.

  1. Where would you like to be in 10 years?

In 10 years I would like to own and operate a large brokerage and have trained up many successful loan writers under the age of 30. I would also like my property business to be developing multiple larger projects per year. Essentially making me a manager and motivator of my team (not so much on the tools everyday). I would like to be spending a significant amount of time travelling with my family, children and friends. Having lots of laughs and lots of fun along the way!

I would l also like to do more public speaking, particularly to the younger demographic on wealth creation and be contributing on a large scale (time & money) to many charities and organisations that I am passionate about.

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