Bree Stedman

Female Head Talk Expert

Bree Stedman is passionate about helping women break the cycle of self-sabotage so they can reclaim their emotional control and confidence.

For 13+ years, Bree has worked with women in a leadership, mentoring and personal transformation role. She has personally lived through and witnessed the struggle that women experience when it comes to creating a life of their dreams – regardless of skills and capabiities, the common denominator that affects results is the way women speak to themselves. In 2017 Bree published her first book Own Your BS: The No-Nonsense Guide to addressing your Female Head Talk, which became an International Best-Selling book in two Women in Business/Self-Help categories.

Her Own Your BS brand is a no-nonsense approach to inspire, educate and empower.

Where do you see your industry heading and how have you positioned yourself to benefit from these changes?

In general I feel that a lot of professional women are trapped in the masculine hustle paradigm of being highly competitive, cut-throat and outcome focused. My approach encourages women to reclaim their power to create success by taking personal ownership and be the authority in their life while in alignment to their inherent feminine values.

What motivates and drives you?

Aside from my husband and two children, what really excites and inspires me is seeing women fully stand in their unique individual power – living life without the mask of ‘faking it’ and the need for perfectionism. What I’m really passionate about is seeing the ripple effect created when women live life solid in emotional control and confidence.

What characteristics do you think an individual needs to be successful?

I believe that resilience, personal responsibility and ownership of the BS is a necessary foundation to create success. Living life in alignment with your personal values while being authentic to who you are, are cornerstones of long term success.

How do you define success?

Enjoying your day doing what lights you up, making a difference to the lives of those you connect with, with a sense of happiness and joy within. With financial growth being a natural consequence of this, being able to share experiences with loved ones rounds out success.

Where would you like to be in 10 years?

I envision the Own Your BS brand to be an Australian-wide (if not global) movement that creates a ripple effect of confidence, personal control and choices that extend beyond the individual to the next generation.

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