Community News

Our new Board is causing a lot of HYP

With the beginning of a new year comes fresh ideas, energy, creativity and the debut of a new board of directors.

After a fantastic AGM with a great turn out, the results are in. You might notice a few familiar faces as well as six new recruits on this year’s board. Together we’re working towards a shared vision to boost the benefits and opportunities that we can offer our members over the coming 12 months.

I am proud to be back on the HYP Board for a second term as President and can share that there is much for members to look forward to over the year.

We’ve got a few exciting announcements up our sleeves for this year, including a new HYP Annual Pass. We can’t wait to share details and the benefits with you in our next newsletter, so stay tuned.

Without further delay, I introduce you to your board for 2017.


  • Hanna Barry from PFK has been nominated Vice President and we are honoured to have her back.
  • Lauren Armstrong from Belmont 16s has now taken on the role of Secretary.
  • Andrea Ciotti from Palm & Pine.
  • Daniel Velich from Lambourne Partners.
  • Akshay Chand from Lambourne Partners has brought his humour and charm back to the board for a second year.


To further benefit the HYP community and our upcoming activities, we’ve now broken our board into smaller sub-committees that focus on communications, sponsorship, events and membership.

Our sub-committees within our non-executive team give our directors every opportunity to let their skillsets and talents shine and relay the benefits of that to our community.

It’s full steam ahead for us and plans are already underway for our launch event. In true HYP style, our launch will be an event like no other and one that you will certainly want to have on the calendar.

We will also be announcing our 2017 calendar of events shortly, so stay tuned. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for our HYP Annual Pass; you’re not going to want to miss this opportunity packed full of benefits, event tickets and networking opportunities.

James Callender, President