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Meet Your 2019 Board Nominees

Have you thought about what your 2019 board looks like?

We have received an overwhelming amount of nominees for our 2019 board, so to help you make an informed decision we asked our nominees why they wanted to become a leader of hyp in 2019. Read the full blog post below.

To make your voice heard join us at our AGM at Queens Wharf Hotel on Tuesday, 29 January at 5.30pm and be involved in the voting process. If you would like to vote for your 2019 board you must be a member AND present at the AGM. Become a member here.

Who will be taking a seat at the table of your hyp 2019 board?

*Please note, the existing positions of the executives has not been contested so no vote will take place.

Project Manager, Forsythes Technology
First Preference: Secretary
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Why do you want to continue in an executive director position of hyp? Our members are the backbone and purpose of this organisation. I hope to continue my involvement with hyp for a third year because during my time on the board I have been fortunate to form valuable relationships with members, and I am keen to continue improving their experience so we can all continue to leverage and celebrate the talent and growth that Newcastle has to offer; whether through delivering events, acting on their feedback, developing community partnerships or other initiatives. My experience so far has been incredibly rewarding and I am excited to see our achievements from 2018 continue to grow through 2019.

What skills and attributes will you bring to the executive? I hope to instil my passion and enthusiasm in the new board members, in addition to contributing knowledge gained from my experience of being in this role previously. In terms of my professional skill set, I will bring experience from HR and IT roles across government and private sectors. As an IT Project Manager, I am experienced in project/portfolio planning and delivery, financial performance monitoring, team engagement and motivation, juggling competing priorities, business improvement initiatives… and of course, I also have technical IT skills.

Accountant, Lambourne Partners
First Preference: Events | Second Preference: Membership

Why do you want to become a leader of hyp? Personally, as a way to grow. I enjoy testing myself and putting myself in positions to learn. Contributing to an organisation such as HYP will give me experience that will aid my future ambitions. Generally, I believe I can contribute to helping the community grow. I stand for what the association is trying to achieve and want to assist it in getting there.

What skills and attributes will you bring to hyp? To HYP as a whole, I bring passion and commitment. I enjoy being part of something bigger than myself. Contributing to the community I’m a part of and bringing others into it. Specifically to the Events and Membership subcommittees, I will bring experience and knowledge. On top of my accounting position at Lambourne Partners, I run; a Photo Booth & More service servicing up and down the coast as well as regionally. Working in both the events and finance industry I have either direct connections who can assist with what needs to be done, or I know the best way to approach a situation and make the best of it. I enjoy what I do within these fields and would love to extend this to HYP.

Business Banking Manager, National Australia Bank
First Preference: Events | Second Preference: Communications

Why do you want to become a leader of hyp? Over the past 12 months I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a HYP member and have benefited both personally and professionally as a result of this membership. I would love the opportunity to be more involved behind the scenes and think I could be of benefit to the HYP community. I would also love to add Board Member to my resume, and what better committee to be a part of than one that I am involved in and very passionate about!

What skills and attributes will you bring to hyp? I believe that I could bring a variety of different skills and attributes to HYP including organisation, time management, attention to detail and interpersonal skills. In my current role, I apply the above skills (and others) on a daily basis and feel that HYP would absolutely benefit by having me on the team. I am also outgoing, determined and very committed to what I set my mind to.

Marketing Coordinator, performHR
First Preference: Membership | Second Preference: Communications

Why do you want to become a leader of hyp? Over the last 2 years I’ve been lucky to attend a lot of great HYP events, and I love the different opportunities it gives young people in the Newcastle area to extend their skill sets and grow their network unlike any other local groups. HYP brings together young people from all industries and professional backgrounds, and I’d love the opportunity to step into a position that helps give back to a community that has supported my growth, and to be a part of a bigger purpose. In 2019 one of my goals is to push my own boundaries and expose myself to ‘new’, and I think that joining the HYP board is the perfect opportunity to do this. I’d love to invest my creative energy into something different while adding value wherever I can.

What skills and attributes will you bring to hyp? For me, HYP is all about growing your skillset, both professionally and personally. I am currently the Marketing Coordinator at performHR, and I’d like to think of myself as a creative problem solver. Amongst many other things, I manage multiple social channels, developed our most recent website, and support our team and multiple stakeholders with the alignment of sales and marketing. It’s never easy to talk about your own value (maybe a great topic for another workshop!) but I think that I could offer great organisational skills, an authentic and energetic support to the board, and a new perspective on doing things with the motivation to give anything a go.

Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Noah’s on the Beach
First Preference: Communications | Second Preference: Events

Why do you want to become a leader of hyp? I want to become a leader of HYP to continue to improve the impact HYP has on our city and ensure we all have a voice. I want to continue to build my network by meeting new people to creating meaningful relationships and build my knowledge with a variety of local like-minded professionals to benefit all the HYP members.

What skills and attributes will you bring to hyp? Event management experience, e-commerce, marketing and social media management, IT systems knowledge and understanding, past experience in fundraising and volunteer management, networking and client management.

Contracts Manager, Wedgetail
First Preference: Communications | Second Preference: Events, Membership, Sponsorship

Why do you want to become a leader of hyp? I am keen to share my knowledge and skills in both business, corporate governance and risk management with others. I am keen to also contribute to the ongoing success of HYP and to encourage others to develop themselves by taking advantage of networking opportunities and mentoring. I am keen to increase the profile of female members on board positions as well.

What skills and attributes will you bring to hyp? I have 22 years in legal experience, three years in not-for-profit executive experience as well as qualifications in law, corporate governance, risk management, compliance and project management.

Commercial Manager, DSI Underground
First Preference: Treasurer
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Why do you want to advance to an executive director position of hyp? To further my development and growth, and to give back to other young professionals in the community.

What skills and attributes will you bring to the executive? A strong background in Financial Accounting, experience in business strategy deployment and marketing, and a desire to improve my leadership skills.

Lawyer, Sparke Helmore Lawyers
First Preference: Events | Second Preference: Membership

Why do you want to become a leader of hyp? Having attended the HYP events throughout 2018, I want to step up into a leadership position to assist with my personal and professional development. Working and connecting with like-minded young professionals will help me to grow my networking, leadership and management skills. Being a Director will be something new that will challenge me and keep me on my toes. HYP is an invaluable resource and opportunity for young professionals and I want to be part of its continued growth and success.

What skills and attributes will you bring to hyp? My training and experience in law have equipped me with the essential skills to being a great HYP leader. I am hard working, organised and proactive, working well under pressure by multi-tasking and prioritising to meet deadlines. I have proven interpersonal and communication skills, working with people in all levels of my national law firm and dealing with clients and stakeholders on a daily basis. I am always a friendly face in the room, using my cheerful and approachable personality to create strong relationships with friends, colleagues and other professionals in the community.

Civil Engineer, Northrop Consulting Engineers
First Preference: Events | Second Preference: Membership

Why do you want to become a leader of hyp? I have been fortunate to benefit from many HYP events over the last few years, which have driven growth on both a personal and professional level for myself. I view a leadership position within an established organisation such as HYP as a significant career progression. I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated individual, and would ideally use the leadership position to contribute to other professionals seeking to increase their personal brand.

What skills and attributes will you bring to hyp? I believe one of the main factors influencing HYP’s ongoing success is its transcendence across a range of industries. Growing up, studying and working in Newcastle all my life has allowed me to establish a significant network base across a broad spectrum of peers and associates. It is this attribute that I would look to use as a means of strengthening and growing the reach of HYP across a multitude of professional environments within the Hunter Region and beyond. Additional to this, I have previous experience on similar networking boards, and understand the delivery requirements for a successful event.

Lawyer, Osborn Law
First Preference: Membership | Second Preference: Sponsorship

Why do you want to become a leader of hyp? I have thoroughly enjoyed being a passive member of hyp and found significant value and interest in the events. I would like to be a leader to take a more active role within the group and give back to the incoming members in 2019. First and foremost, it would allow me to provide a meaningful contribution to the organisation’s development. As hyp continues to expand and accrue greater influence in guiding emerging professionals and careers, its importance in the community will become ever more prominent. My own skills and experience would be invaluable to the organisation moving forward. Willing and able to assist in the organisation’s day-to-day running, I would also bring initiative and creativity in resolving any challenges which I faced in a leadership role.

What skills and attributes will you bring to hyp? Having worked in hospitality and human resources and currently employed in legal practice, I have developed a highly functional and diverse skill set which would prove beneficial in the position. Flowing naturally from my current role as a solicitor and my prior studies is my rigorous sense of organisation, time management and my ability to effectively prioritise tasks in order of urgency. At work, I am required to manage a significant caseload. I must ensure that the concerns and issues raised by clients are diligently recorded, whilst also handling contact with opposing parties with professionalism and tact. I am punctual and adhere strictly to deadlines. I am also driven by my results-focused work ethic. I seek to provide excellent outcomes in all of my endeavours, and this could only serve to strengthen hyp if I were elected to the role. I have experience with organising successful fundraising initiatives. Volunteering on the committee for the Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group’s Charity Ball, which involved organising and liaising with sponsors to ensure a significant contribution was raised for a local Newcastle women’s shelter and attendees had a memorable night.

Graphic Designer, The MJH Group (McDonald Jones Homes)
First Preference: Communications

Why do you want to become a leader of hyp? I have heard positive and interesting opportunities have come out of HYP. I would welcome the chance to be part of such a well developed young group of people that have similar goals and aspirations for their careers.

What skills and attributes will you bring to hyp? For the past 7 years I have been a full-time Graphic Designer, firstly starting out with TAFE NSW and then moving on to work with the MJH Group. In that time I have been part of their marketing teams and gained a great deal of industry experience in not only design but art direction, web coding, photography and make up. It is these skills I would love to bring to the HYP team and help not only the team but the community gain a greater knowledge of these areas.

Marketing Manager, Belmont 16s
First Preference: President
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Why do you want to continue in an executive director position of hyp? I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue in a leadership position, alongside Maddy, to oversee the plans we have put in motion in 2018. With the implementation of an annual membership survey we have been able to identify a number of key new initiatives along with planned local and national strategic partnerships to really improve the hyp brand and member experience in 2019.

What skills and attributes will you bring to the executive? As an experienced executive member of hyp, I will continue to provide organisational knowledge, existing relationships, strategic planning and leadership skills to the organisation. My technical skills as a generalist marketing manager are also beneficial in developing and assisting non executive directors across our communications, sponsorship, events and membership teams.

Communications Manager, Anglican Diocese of Newcastle
First Preference: Communications

Why do you want to become a leader of hyp? I was fortunate to have the opportunity to become a hyp Director in mid-2018 as part of the Communications Subcommittee. I would love to come back in 2019 to not only strengthen my role on the Board but also cement strong communications to further keep hyp members engaged and informed.

What skills and attributes will you bring to hyp? I am a passionate communications professional with experience across the not-for-profit, charity and business sectors including Anglican Church Newcastle, Cancer Council NSW, and The Wests Group. I specialise in strategic public relations, media relations, event management, and crisis communications. I also spearheaded creative ventures such as Newcastle Fashion Week and Newcastle Fashion Hunters as a platform to showcase the creative fashion and event talents of the Hunter. It is these skills and experiences that I would love to bring back to the hyp board in 2019 to further engage our hyp members and the wider community to further build hyp as the leading young professionals networking community of the Hunter.

Lawyer, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors
First Preference: Vice President
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Why do you want to continue in an executive director position of hyp? I am excited about the prospect of continuing in the role of Vice President for 2019. The reasons for this are tenfold but if I had to select a couple they would be: 1. To give continuity and stability to the board of 2019 by retaining the same leadership as 2018; and 2. To continue to find ways to improve our current members’ experiences and to show young professionals of the Hunter that are not currently members the value of joining our organisation.

What skills and attributes will you bring to the executive? After two years on the board, with one of those years being in the executive, I intend to bring both my leadership and organisational skills, which I am always striving to improve. I look forward to mentoring a new board and helping non-executive directors get the most out of their experience with hyp.

Veterinarian, Hamilton Veterinary Clinic
First Preference: Events

Why do you want to become a leader of hyp? To get involved with the local community, network and meet new people, learn and challenge myself, and use my skills to create value for others. I’ve really enjoyed meeting other like-minded individuals at hyp events and would like to help other young professionals looking to network or challenge themselves outside of work. I was also on the executive of several societies and committees throughout university and absolutely loved it. I imagine hyp would be a similar experience but on a larger scale!

What skills and attributes will you bring to hyp? I bring a wide range of skills and usually consider myself as the all-rounder on a team. I’m an organised person and like to work with timelines and plans. I’m a confident speaker and deal well in stressful situations (comes from my day job as a vet). I like to think of myself as a creative with a logical and analytical side. I’m pretty handy with spreadsheets, gathering data and analysis, but I’m also an amateur freelance photographer and videographer with an eye for design! I have extensive experience in event organisation, budgeting, managing teams and liaising with different parties; I was the President of the Sydney Uni Veterinary Revue Society, on the events committee of the SU Veterinary Society, and organiser for our University Graduation Ball. Many of these events had budgets of over $40,000 and 300+ attendees.

Senior Associate, Jenkins Legal Services
First Preference: Membership | Second Preference: Sponsorship

Why do you want to become a leader of hyp? I am interested in continuing to be involved as a director of HYP because I feel that it provides a wonderful opportunity for its members to network with like-minded young professionals from different industries and grow professionally and personally.

What skills and attributes will you bring to hyp? I bring hard work, interpersonal skills, a good sense of humour and an understanding and working knowledge of HYP.

Solicitor, DWF
First Preference: Membership

Why do you want to become a leader of hyp? I am interested in becoming a leader of HYP as it would be a great opportunity to contribute to an organisation which supports young professionals in Newcastle. I first started attending HYP events in my final months of university so that I could build relationships and gain knowledge on Newcastle’s business community. I was excited to see so many other young people being given a place to network, discuss and share ideas. I think I will be able to bring some creative ideas to HYP that will promote other young professionals to join the HYP community. I want to become a leader of HYP so that I can share my ideas and help grow the HYP network with even more like-minded individuals.

What skills and attributes will you bring to hyp? My current role as a lawyer with DWF Australia, requires me to interact with people from a variety of different backgrounds on a daily basis, both in person, on the phone and via email, whilst also demonstrating great organisation, time management and attention to detail skills. Outside my team at work I am also involved in a variety of sporting teams, including netball and basketball. I am enthusiastic, motivated and hardworking; all skills I will bring to a position with HYP.

Marketing Coordinator, Sharp Electronics Group
First Preference: Communications | Second Preference: Events, Sponsorship

Why do you want to become a leader of hyp? I actually wanted to apply in 2017 however I just didn’t feel ready at that point – I felt like there was something more I needed so I waited. I’m glad I did as there is a member of the current Hunter Young Professional board who I have watched thrive both personally and professionally from being given this opportunity and its been truly inspiring to watch her. I feel the knowledge and experience I will gain from being a member of the HYP board will really set a fire in my professional development and enable me to really give back to our community as an empowered professional in the community.

What skills and attributes will you bring to hyp? I feel I possess all the desired skills HYP is actively seeking for next year’s board members. Being the current Marketing Coordinator for Sharp Electronics Group my daily tasks include creating graphics for internal and external content, creating and posting content for several social media accounts, planning company events such as golf days and a Super Cars Meet and Greet plus several major trade shows. I also volunteer to help coordinate events such as SIDS and Kids and next year I’m on the events committee for Beaumont Street Carnival 2018. I feel my happy/friendly helpful personality and professional attitude will be greatly welcomed with in the HYP board.

Governance Officer, University of Newcastle (UoN)
First Preference: Events | Second Preference: Membership

Why do you want to become a leader of hyp? I am passionate about Newcastle and the Hunter and recognise that the vision of young professionals is a fundamental ingredient in the continuous growth, prosperity and success of our region. I know from my own experience that networking, professional development and educational opportunities are essential to the personal and professional development of young career-minded individuals. Through years of attending hyp events, I have been encouraged and inspired by the dedication of hyp to support and grow young professionals in the Hunter. I want to join the leadership of hyp to share my leadership, governance and board skills in the continuation and growth of hyp’s professional networks, learning and social networking initiatives.

What skills and attributes will you bring to hyp? The skills and attributes that I bring to HYP include a firm understanding of and experience in governance, including maintaining appropriate governance practices within the organisational and committee contexts; working first with boards first in a legal advice capacity and now as in house as a governance professional. I have strong stakeholder engagement skills, developed through my experience working with clients, businesses, not-for-profits and charities; a strong commitment to growing and strengthening networks for young professionals and a growing network of personal contacts, collected throughout my diverse experience working, engaging and volunteering across the Hunter, Newcastle and connecting areas over the last decade; extensive experience in event planning and management from a networking, advocacy and fundraising background.