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Kristen Keegan Future Leaders Scholarship

When you are looking to expand your career portfolio, challenge yourself or meet new people, many people turn to networking.

For those of you ahead of your game, you would already be doing your thang at different networking groups like hyp.

Our goal at hyp is to provide opportunities for young people to network in a business environment, gain new management and leadership skills, interact socially together and support the local community so that we can all develop as the business leaders of tomorrow.

But did you know that hyp is not just about connecting young, like-minded professionals together?

As a member, not only do we want to help create new relationships for you, but we want you to be able to use us as a resource and as a group that delivers real value.

We strive to associate our brand with different organisations, businesses, and charities that align with our ideals and standards.

Back in the old days, hyp was actually a ‘sibling’ of the Hunter Business Chamber, formerly known as the Newcastle & Hunter Junior Chamber of Commerce. This set our foundation to bring you closer to the people, our leaders of the past and present, who have shaped and contributed to our beloved city.

By being involved with hyp, we also aim to provide you with access to different opportunities through these people and businesses that you may not have previously been aware of…like the HunterNet Future Leaders Program.

The HunterNet Future Leaders Program is a unique multidisciplinary program that targets cross-functional engagement with a multitude of industries from our regional, national and global economy.

Former Hunter Business Chamber Chief Executive, Kristen Keegan made an incredible impact on the Newcastle and Hunter region. Sadly, Kristen passed away last year. Her amazing legacy as a leader in the Hunter Business community is honoured through the HunterNet and Hunter Business Chamber Kristen Keegan Future Leaders Scholarship.

So, what’s the next step after joining hyp? You all would have set yourself some personal and professional goals for the New Year, and while we make our way through March, have you thought maybe it’s time to re-evaluate those goals? Push the comfort zone that little bit more by attending more events or saying yes to opportunities that come knocking at your door.

Opportunities like the Kristen Keegan Future Leaders Scholarship. We know that as a member you are:

  • A young person from the Hunter with aspirations to become a star/future leader;
  • Someone wanting to make a difference;
  • Someone focused on making a contribution to the region and the community;
  • Someone prepared to take risks and challenge the status quo;
  • Someone committed to hard work and completing their studies.

So, what are you waiting for? Applications are open now.

by Jorja Cowan