In 2018 our hyp journey encouraged us to think about how we can contribute, whether it be by giving back to our local community or simply contributing to our own personal growth. This morning we asked our members to contribute to their own wellbeing and put their oxygen masks on first. Why?

Every day we are bombarded with messages about eating kale and quinoa in our lactose-free smoothies while doing 100 burpees in order to stop climate change all the while ensuring we hike the corporate ladder, not to mention living our best insta lives! Phew!

No wonder many of us are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

This morning we started the conversation of focusing on our wellbeing. We felt empowered, motivated and informed from our incredible guest speakers, Dr Bhavi RavindranRenée WilkinsonDr Stewart Oxley, and Mel Gearing.

We touched on the important topics of mental health, mindfulness and meditation, self-awareness, and looking after ourselves whether it be through our diet, exercise, or being aware of our environments.

It is important for all young professionals to keep the wellbeing conversation going by checking in with yourself and those around you daily. By asking the simple question, “R U OK?” we can potentially have an impact on someone around us.

With so much significant information to take in this morning, there may be some of you who missed out on the opportunity to ask a question, thought of something essential to ask following the workshop, or did not feel comfortable asking the question in the public space. We have opened the opportunity for you to email through any questions you may have for our panel. Please email any questions you may have to  mail [at] hunteryoungprofessionals [dot] com [dot] au

We extend our thank you to our guest speakers who took the time to enable us to evolve in our wellbeing this morning. You can read more about our speakers below, or connect with them through the links provided.

If you or someone around you need immediate support, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. No one needs to face their problems alone.

Our Panellists

Dr Bhavi Ravindran

Dr Bhavi Ravindran, is a Junior Doctor with Hunter New England Health and the 2019 Newcastle’s Young Citizen of the Year. He has completed rotations in Infectious Diseases and Hepatitis in Chennai, India and an internship wit the Word Health Organisations in Manila – after which he was offered a position as a consultant. Bhavi is also a member of The Australian Medical Council and an executive member of the New South Wales Junior Medical Officer Forum. In his spare time, Bhavi likes to play classical music, go for runs along the beach and build robots.


Renée Wilkinson

Since the age of twelve, Renée has been involved in meditation groups, spiritual workshops and energy healing traineeships. At 18 she completed an Energy Healing Traineeship in Singapore and spent 3yrs with more formal training, studying Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology, Touch For Health, Theta Healing, Kinergetics, ‘PKP’ Professional Kinesiology Practice. In a bid to shake off the ‘woo woo’ and be ‘normal’, she spent 4 years working in Australian TV Drama where she worked her way up to a Head of Department  as Script/Continuity Supervisor for shows such as ‘Home and Away’ and ‘Doctor Doctor’, as well as a series of short films. In 2017 she found herself in a 200hr yoga teacher training in Thailand, which led her back to her intuitive roots, rebuilding her Kinesiology business and in 2019 opening ‘The Open Mind Space’, a holistic yoga and wellbeing centre in Newcastle with her husband Murray. Together they now offer yoga, meditation, mindfulness, alternative therapies and a monthly Free Full Moon Meditation on Bar Beach.

Dr Stewart Oxley

Stewart has been studying and working in Psychology since 2011 and graduated with a Doctorate in Clinical and Health Psychology. He has experience in clinical mental health and mental health issues associated with physical health. Stewart has clinical interests in a broad range of ares including: Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Adjustment Issues, Work and Study Problems, Alcohol and Substance Use Problems, Psychosis, Grief & Loss, Trauma, Sexuality Issues and Suicide/Self-harm. He has worked in Private Practice, headspace, Primary Mental Health Care, Community Mental Health, Employment Services, Workplace Injury Rehabilitation, EAP, Psycho-Oncology, Palliative Care, C-L Psychiatry, Inpatient and A&E assessments for Suicide/Self-Harm and Forensic settings. Stewart is a Conjoint Lecturer at the School of Medical and Public Health and Conjoint Fellow of the School of Psychology.

Mel Gearing

After graduating as a Medical Herbalist top of her class and with a scholarship in 2011, Mel opened her private practice. She has since completed further qualifications in Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy, as well as a Bachelor Degree of Health Science, in Complementary Medicine. Mel became a new Mum in 2017 and has plans to start a Masters degree to finalise her studies, just as soon as she catches her breath! She proudly released her third recipe book ‘From Peasant Foods to Superfoods’ in December 2018. Mel is host of her podcast show The Naked Naturopath, on The Wellness Couch. She is a founding member of the WEA Academy of Complementary Health Alumni and also teaches Herbal Medicine. Current clients will know that Mel often has final year students in her clinic and is passionate about developing and producing high quality Naturopaths that the community can rely on. When she is not in the clinic, teaching, writing recipe books, podcasting or tutoring she can be found working on her other passion with her coach and hubby-Olympic Weightlifting.