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Keeping the Wellbeing Conversation Going

In 2018 our hyp journey encouraged us to think about how we can contribute, whether it be by giving back to our local community or simply contributing to our own personal growth. This morning we asked our members to contribute to their own wellbeing and put their oxygen masks on first. Why?

Every day we are bombarded with messages about eating kale and quinoa in our lactose-free smoothies while doing 100 burpees in order to stop climate change all the while ensuring we hike the corporate ladder, not to mention living our best insta lives! Phew!

No wonder many of us are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

This morning we started the conversation of focusing on our wellbeing. We felt empowered, motivated and informed from our incredible guest speakers, Dr Bhavi RavindranRenée WilkinsonDr Stewart Oxley, and Mel Gearing.

We touched on the important topics of mental health, mindfulness and meditation, self-awareness, and looking after ourselves whether it be through our diet, exercise, or being aware of our environments.

It is important for all young professionals to keep the wellbeing conversation going by checking in with yourself and those around you daily. By asking the simple question, “R U OK?” we can potentially have an impact on someone around us.

With so much significant information to take in this morning, there may be some of you who missed out on the opportunity to ask a question, thought of something essential to ask following the workshop, or did not feel comfortable asking the question in the public space. We have opened the opportunity for you to email through any questions you may have for our panel. Please email any questions you may have to

We extend our thank you to our guest speakers who took the time to enable us to evolve in our wellbeing this morning.

If you or someone around you need immediate support, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. No one needs to face their problems alone.