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International Women’s Day Interview ft. Lauren & Maddy

At hyp we pride ourselves on our diversified board and members, but today a special cheers to all the incredible, inspiring, strong women out there as we celebrate International Women’s Day.

We interviewed hyp President, Lauren Armstrong and VP, Maddy Tiedeman who shared with us their inspirations, motivations and what they do to unwind.

Who is a woman that inspires you the most and why?

Lauren – I find any woman who is compassionate, determined yet imperfect inspiring whether they are widely known or a recent acquaintance. But most of all I am inspired by the woman who raised me, my mum has overcome great personal challenges and her strength inspires me every day.

When I was in high school it was just her and I and she made plenty of personal sacrifices to afford me every luxury and opportunity, from years of competitive sports and travel to social events. On top of all this she continues to have great success as an executive and she is one of my greatest mentors.

Maddy – My Mum, super cliché I know, but I can’t go past her. The woman is just about to complete her PHD in a field she only delved into just a few short years ago. While my sister and I were in school (being pains I’m sure) she managed to complete her Masters in an entirely different area. I am in awe of her and always have been, she is constantly challenging herself, whether that be through her educational pursuits or in the kitchen plating up food that can only be described as magnificent.

What is the driving force behind everything you do – what keeps you motivated?

Lauren – To be honest I am unsure; I think it might be curiosity. As a child I asked a lot of questions and always wanted to know ‘why’. Not a lot has changed unfortunately; curiosity keeps me up at night.

Maddy – A desire to be the best version of myself. That’s in relation to my career, my relationships and my health. That is what gets me out of bed when it’s still dark to get to the gym before work, encourages me to make time for my friends and family every weekend and to pursue additional dreams and challenges, like my involvement with HYP.  I would hate to wake up in five or ten years time, and think “I haven’t challenged myself, I could have done more”.

How do you relax after a stressful day?

Lauren – Being greeted by my puppy Beryl takes the edge off almost any stressful day. She goes insane every single time I enter the house like I’ve been a complete missing person. If my boyfriend is already making dinner and I can have a glass of wine then it really doesn’t get any better than that, but my other go-tos are things like yoga, a bath, reading or just going for a walk from Bar Beach to Merewether with a friend.

Maddy – Pasta, a glass of red and a good book. Is there any other way?

What would advice would you give to your high school self?

Lauren – I had a ball in high school, maybe a little too much so I would say do less, prioritise and follow through with the things that are the most important to you. I like to think I have become more consistent and a much better decision maker.

Maddy – Stress less, though I would give that same advice to my university self, my current self and very likely my future self too (it’s easier said than done!).