We are all living and working in an era of rapid change – corporate, economic, political, technological and social – all of which provide both opportunities and challenges – to both employers and employees. Agility, disruption and innovation are now the key to future prosperity and success for organisations and individuals.
On Thursday, 20th April, HYP hosted their first workshop of the year at the Newcastle Club. This session was facilitated by Executive Coaching partner of ALCHEMY Career Management Peter Black, who addressed various issues facing our members. Peter highlighted the mega trends affecting the world of work, the importance of disruption, diversity and innovation, and the importance of career development plans.
Peter started the workshop by analysing our social media presence. He briefed our audience on the importance of determining their Klout Score, which is used to determine their influence on social media.
Peter then talked about the importance of your personal brand and how to manage your social media to support your brand. This was further facilitated by experiential networking and social media sessions where Peter showed that age is no barrier when it comes to social networking.
This was the second time I had seen Peter Black present and in my opinion he did not disappoint. Based on the information Peter presented it is clear that to be a successful professional it is important to focus on your personal brand. One book Peter recommended that will help with building your brand was How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age by Dale Carnegie.
– Daniel Velich