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hyp Summit 2020


In these challenging times it is important to pivot and explore new ways of connecting and reaching your goals. Here at hyp, we have been working hard to bring you an innovative opportunity to continue building your network and expanding your skills… Que, hyp Summit!

The Summit will run throughout the month of May with the first session to be held on the 14th. It will run for 3 consecutive weeks with an exciting new speaker each week. To join, please register through the Eventbrite link above, you will then receive reminders and a link to access the event each week. Hopefully we will be able to all meet face to face again very soon, but in the mean time, we look forward to coming together digitally.



Humanising high performance in a disoriented workforce | Thursday 14th, 5.30pm – Niki Strachan

How to own your own career during a crisis | Thursday 21st, 5.30pm – Emily Bowen and Shelley Johnson

Burnout | Thursday 28th, 5.30pm – Hamza Khan


Humanising high performance in a disoriented workforce

Thursday 14th May 2020, 5.30pm

Niki Strachan is a MBA Candidate and Business Manager with the Commonwealth Government. She has lived and worked in Australia and overseas, has experience in the public and private sectors, and enjoys leading organisational citizens and external stakeholders.

Niki is adept at critically assessing strategic contexts using data, frameworks, analytic reasoning and stakeholder engagement in order to lead change. This involves drawing on experience in the disciplines of strategy, governance, executive reporting, change management, digital transformation, organisational capability uplift, enterprise resource management, procurement, business process improvement, leadership development and media. Qualifications in business management, organisational change management and leadership have been pivotal in driving operational excellence, improvement and ultimately performance.

Niki has been privileged to work with professional and Olympic level athletes as well as produce Olympic and Commonwealth Games with two of Australia’s largest commercial networks. Her passion for sport translates into driving high performance in corporate settings, which is executed in a socially responsible and empathetic way.



How to own your own career during a crisis

Thursday 21st May 2020, 5.30pm

My Millennial Career is a podcast to help you land your dream job and build a career that you love! Join Shelley Johnson (HR Consultant) and Emily Bowen (Recruitment Specialist) as they share practical insights on how to create a winning resume, ask for a pay rise and so much more. Available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Emily is a recruitment and customer experience specialist. Obsessively curious about the daily collision between business and humans, she can most often be heard advocating for a career self-reliance mindset – that means your own work and career is on you.

Shelley is a Human Resources and Management Consultant. She’s a creative at heart that loves radical candour in the workplace. Seeing people achieve their personal career goals while enabling businesses to achieve theirs is what gives her energy.

My Millennial Career



Thursday 28th May 2020, 5.30pm

Hamza Khan is a multi-award winning marketer & entrepreneur. He’s the Managing Director of Student Life Network, Canada’s most comprehensive resource hub dedicated to helping and empowering millions of students across the country. He co-founded both Splash Effect, a boutique marketing & creative agency, as well as SkillsCamp, a soft skills training company. He is the author of an Amazon bestselling book, “The Burnout Gamble.” From TEDx stages and national conferences to MBA classrooms and Fortune 500 boardrooms, Hamza is regularly invited to deliver keynotes and workshops around the world.

He is a sessional instructor at Seneca College and Ryerson University, teaching courses on digital marketing and social media. Through his consulting, writing, teaching and speaking, Hamza empowers people and businesses to transform ideas into action. 

Ideas Into Action