“Welcome to the year of innovation, conversation and connection.”

The HYP 2016 Launch was a great start to a year of events that will explore the phenomenon of innovation as it transcends industry, education and location.

Set in the polished-white award winning garage of HYP Silver Sponsor, Kloster MINI, over 130 guests conversed and connected with one another, discussing current affairs, passionate pursuits or praising the skills of celebrated illustrator and cartoonist Peter Lewis who was creating portraits on the bonnet of a MINI Cooper. The company and entertainment was complimented beautifully by wine tasting from one of the Hunter Valley’s finest, Tulloch Wines, and a smorgasbord of deletable canapés and cured meats by well-renowned Novocastrian restauranteurs, Sprout.

2016 was welcomed in by a traditional man with innovative ideas, Edward Geschke, Group General Manager AP Eagers, and Harvard Business School graduate, spoke of innovating in ‘traditional’ organisations. Edward explained WHO can effect change and attributes supportive leaders and interested employees to a successful cultural shift.

Edward believes the first step to building a culture of innovation is to ensure you “…hit the numbers”. It is all well and good to dream big and promote change however as Edward pointed out, “The leader of a traditional business can never go off and explore new territories and worlds until traditional metrics are being met”.

“Don’t wait for someone to tap you on the shoulder and ask for your innovative ideas, put your ideas forward and challenge your leaders to think differently. As the leaders of tomorrow the ball is in your court and the KEY to being a successful leader is to Keep Educating Yourself, challenge yourself to think a differently and as a result you will be able to challenge others,” encouraged Edward.

HYP is challenging the networking norm, how we do it, where we do it and WHY we do it.


– James Callender