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Strategic Partnership with Hunter Headline

HYP’s strategy for 2016 has placed greater emphasis on the facilitation of innovation, conversation and connection. In conjunction with developing a community of passionate and proactive young professionals, HYP has committed to connecting members and industry partners at a deeper level.

This September, HYP is proud to announce the establishment of a strategic partnership with Hunter Headline that will showcase talented young professionals in the region via the new interview series ‘Hunter YoungGuns’.

Hunter Headline is a platform providing an opportunity for local business people to learn about the developments of their associates and peers, to celebrate regional business success and to increase their online presence.

This alliance will increase the exposure of HYP as an organisation and broadcast the profile and achievements of individual HYP members within the local business community. Additionally the Hunter Headline ‘Event Guide’, a complete resource of corporate events for the region, will also include upcoming HYP event listings.

This months HYP ‘member of the month’ coincides with the latest Hunter YoungGun – Anna Farthing, Founding Director and Head Troublemaker at Doughheads. From debits and credits to donuts, Anna has always loved baking and was looking to bring some ‘vibrancy to Newcastle… Something that would just blow people’s minds’. Learn more about Anna, her small business mentors and her creativity here.

HYP is passionate about members and the wider business community and strives for opportunities to enhance the HYP member experience. If you are yet to become a HYP member, register online now – it’s free!

– James Callender

If your company has something newsworthy, submit an article to Hunter Headline here.