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To maintain ‘wellness’ you ought to find balance with the things you enjoy

What do you enjoy?

Tasty food? Good company? Beautiful venue? Or great surf? Well, we hope you were at Merewether Surfhouse for the HYP 2016 Gold Partner Event.

The University of Newcastle has supported HYP for a number of years now to showcase the alumni pathways that exist within the community. The 2016 HYP Gold Partner event epitomised this partnership as we featured Alumni Award Finalist for exceptional community service, Joel Pilgrim.

Joel is an inspiring public speaker who has travelled abroad to share his passion for mental health advocacy and disruption to the current mental health sector. Joel urged members to avoid ‘spirit squashers’ and promotes that it only takes one person to initiate change.

Filled with enthusiasm and encouragement Joel made some members feel uncomfortable for a short time as he persuaded them to share their ‘dreams’ with the audience. Insisting that you must become uncomfortable to grow, Joel applauded goals such as opening a bar or a virtual experience hub and proceeded to identify a room full of advocates. Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens but grit makes the difference, you must be prepared to dig deep and make ‘it’ happen.

Joel’s six tips to make it happen are:
1. Start with your why
2. Lack of experience brings innovative ideas
3. Dreams don’t have to stay dreams
4. Haters gonna hate
5. Don’t let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen
6. Learn learn learn

Joel was particularly impressed with HYP as an organisation as it facilitates a community which is all about connection, ‘surround yourself with people who can help you make things happen…’. After all, we (HYP) are a group of individuals who are attracted to opportunities to develop ourselves as professionals. We like hanging out with other like-minded individuals who value developing their own professional brand irrespective of their industry. And we do all this at fun events in cool venues across the Hunter.

– James Callender