Community News

Establishing networks with Hunter TAFE

Our journey to explore the different ways in which we can contribute has already begun.

On Tuesday 27 February, Lauren and I spoke with a group of Hunter TAFE classes from their Business and Creative Industries faculty. We were asked to share our own personal experiences networking in a business environment and to explain who Hunter Young Professionals are and what we do.

After explaining what hyp is all about, Lauren and I shared our own personal journeys; from students to young professionals, joining the hyp board and what networking means to us.

Lauren explained that networking in our community means building relationships. Networking is really just one of the benefits of being a hyp member and attending our events. Lauren also shared a surprising fact; that she has little experience submitting job applications because all of her opportunities have been through personal networks and word of mouth. One of the reasons why Lauren is a part of hyp is the community aspect because it offers somewhere for people to create and foster these types of relationships.

I spoke about how hard it can be for junior employees when they first start out of University or TAFE with no established network. It can feel as though our bosses and colleagues know everyone and have an incredible network of people that seems utterly unattainable to us. As I was met with a sea of nods across the room, it was confirmed again for me that this feeling is common among young employees early in their career. This is why we make it our mission to facilitate conversation through unique activation and social experiences at our events.

So our final takeaway for the group? The Newcastle business environment is built on relationships. But there’s nothing to worry about, students have plenty of time to create those relationships and becoming a member of hyp is the perfect way to get started. Thank you to the course coordinators at Hunter TAFE for reaching out – Shauna, Melissa, Angela, Leanne & Louisa – and for having us in your classrooms. We’re really excited to see more Hunter TAFE students joining in on the hyp community.

We look forward to welcoming all of our members next Thursday 8 March at our Launch Event. If you are a new member yourself and haven’t yet established your own network please reach out, our board will be happy to have a chat with you and make some introductions.

Madeleine Tiedeman
Vice President