David Kent

David Kent

Managing Director at Skyline Contracting
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David Kent is the Managing Director of Skyline Contracting, a Newcastle based property maintenance company specialising in providing professional cleaning, grounds maintenance & repairs to commercial & strata clients in the Newcastle & Hunter Valley Regions.

David started Skyline Contracting as a one man band providing handyman services to strata maintenance companies after a close friend complained about the services they were receiving from their current suppliers. Skyline Contracting has grown over the last 5 years to 21 employees servicing over one hundred properties throughout the region.

David has a passion for problem solving and helping people. Skyline Contracting has allowed David to have a positive impact on the community through donating to causes important to his team such as Newcastle’s own Soul Café. He also believes in giving his staff members the tools they need to have fulfilment both at work and in their home lives.

What three words best describe you?

Caring, Passionate, Practical.

What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

My friends and family. I would not have gotten to where I am today without the support of my peers. When times get tough they have been there to push me through and push me to be the best person I can be.

Where would you like to be in 10 years?

Over the next 10 years I am committed to building Skyline Contracting to be one of the market leaders in Facilities Maintenance including commercial cleaning, regular grounds maintenance in Newcastle, and general repairs – and specialised property services such as commercial grade mould removal, line marking and washroom supplies. But most importantly, we will be the leaders of company culture in the Newcastle area.

How do you define success?

Success is fulfilling all the promises you make to yourself and others. You stick to your promises and you’ll live a happy life. In my eyes, that’s Success.

What local professionals have had a significant influence on your career and what have you learnt from them?

Someone who had a big influence on my life and career was Tony Kaye, he is from Newcastle and was my coach some years ago. He helped me grow my business but most of all, he coached me on neuro linguistic programming. This provided me with a foundation to better understand people, their psychology and how they work. It also allowed me to develop significant communication skills that helped me excel when negotiating or just working through some barriers with my staff. He supported me to break through my own limiting beliefs and now I can do the same for my team.