Dave Eddy is co-founder and CMO of Camplify, managing Director at Newcastle-based digital agency Redback Solutions, Chapter director for Interactive Minds Newcastle, and is an advisory board member for SingularityU Australia. Dave grew up in small mining towns across QLD and NSW and has lived in Newcastle since 2008. He is into dad jokes, new experiences, travel and doesn’t take life too seriously.

Dave, you have quite a few high-level roles between Redback, Camplify, Interactive Minds and SingularityU, how do you manage to fit the four roles into one working week?

Haha ummm… 4am starts 6 days a week and surrounding myself with amazing team members who are great at all the many things I am not.

What’s a typical day look like for you?

12-13 hours of tangled up fluro slinky, followed by exercise and chill time.

You are the co-founder of Camplify, how did the idea come about to create a sharing community where you can hire caravans and RVs?

Justin and his wife Sarah had been looking into buying a caravan for the occasion family holiday. One day, they were walking around their neighbourhood in Georgetown and noticed there were tonnes of caravans sitting in people’s front yards – basically killing lawn and wasting money. They thought, “there must be an easy way we can hire someone else’s van rather than buy our own”. 

What’s your advice for those wanting to / or at the start of opening their own business?

  • Make sure you’re passionate about the business idea you have, but then try to take the emotion out of it before deciding whether it’s the right way to go. So many people open dumb businesses without having a plan or a commercial model in place.
  • Be prepared to work your ass off, be adaptable and expect things to pan out completely differently to how you first imagined.
  • Forget the idea that you can do everything on your own and find people who are smarter than you / better at doing things you’re not great at.

Can you give us some insights into Redback and your role in the company?

Redback was Founded in Newcastle back in 1999 as a custom software development company. We have delivered over 1500 websites and digital marketing projects for a broad range of clients – from solo operators, to small-medium sized companies, large corporates, universities, government organisations and even international brands.

My role at Redback is to steer the ship, cop the occasional wave in the face and make sure our people, clients and value as a business are all growing to be the best they can be. 

Redback has been involved in HYP last year revamping the website and is sponsoring us again this year, what is your motivation for partnering with HYP?

We just think HYP is a great local initiative. Our office is full of young professionals (some not so young!) so we totally get the value of learning and moving forward with each other’s support.

You are also involved in Interactive minds and SingularityU Australia, both empowering companies for the community, what is your motivation to be a part of these businesses?

Being involved with both these amazing organisations served as a great way for me to help contribute to the general growth in local knowledge of two areas I’m passionate about – digital marketing (Interactive Minds) and exponential technology (SingularityU). Unfortunately though, I’m having to pull away from both of those commitments for a little while due to increasing demands with Redback, Camplify and my booming adult film career (hehe, ok so only Redback and Camplify). However, I’m currently working on some other initiatives to help contribute to the community in a way that doesn’t require much time.

Throughout your career who has been your biggest influence or inspiration?

There’s too many to mention. Heaps of colleagues and former managers come to mind.

It’s been an amazing experience to share the Camplify journey with co-founders Justin and Josh – They are both Hunter not-so-Young Professionals with more experience and definitely more grey hairs than me, but they have taught me a tonne of valuable things over the past ~5 years and have reigned in my craziness many times when I needed it 😛

I also learn tonnes every day from all the ridiculously talented people I get to manage/work alongside at Redback and Camplify.

Lastly…Give us your best dad joke!?

Did you hear about the two baked beans who went travelling around Australia together…..? They ended up in Cairns.