HYP Director 2018


Karen is a policy maker and land negotiator. Professionally, she ensures that the NSW Crown estate is managed in the best interests of the people of NSW.

With over 14 years working in the natural resource management field, Karen has enjoyed roles with the NSW Government that include: Ranger with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, Operations Officer with the Environment Protection Authority Regulator, and Water Sharing Coordinator with the NSW Office of Water.

Karen has also worked in the Offices of the previous Ministers for Lands and Water.

A spirited communicator, Karen is highly advanced in initiating, building and maintaining networks to create project partnerships and develop strategic alliances.

Karen works to keep abreast of risks, consider emerging trends, identify opportunities and align organisational governance requirements with Government initiatives.

Unprofessionally, Karen is a bit of a creative muse, uninhibited and spontaneous, although also known to be anally retentive. Inspired by entrepreneurial types, Karen values the insights and exposure they give.

Karen defines success by how happy she is. This means that her sense of the things that makes me happy is in balance, stable and secure.