HYP Director 2017

Day Job

Chief Wordsmith and Social Media Strategist for Squib Communications


Alyssa is a marketing and communications whiz with a natural knack for the written word. After working for Sydney-based, national not-for-profits and for local Newcastle businesses, including the MJH Group and the University of Newcastle, Alyssa branched out and created Newcastle’s content creation specialists – Squib Communications.

Alyssa has brought a new and raw approach to copywriting and social media by bringing the way businesses walk, talk and behave back to the human approach. She helps businesses uncover their brand personalities and share them through well-written, persuasive words.

With a strong interest in learning about other business professionals and their collaborative, innovative ideas, Alyssa has joined HYP to learn, share and bring together a collective of Newcastle’s brightest professionals at exciting and valuable events.

In her spare time, Alyssa enjoys writing, attending local events and markets, cooking up delicious foods using natural and local ingredients and chilling with her little dachshund with a good book.