HYP Director 2016

Day Job

Accountant at Lambourne Partners


Akshay was born in Fiji, growing up in a small country town by the name of Barraba (hence the bogan accent). Barraba is where he spent most of his teenage years, completing his HSC at Barraba Central School in 2009.

Akshay had a gap year in 2010, undertaking a traineeship at the local IGA in Business Administration. He then came to Newcastle to commence a degree in Commerce, majoring in Accounting. Finishing in 2014, he has been working as an Accountant for over 2 years and currently works at Lambourne Partners.

His Saturdays over summer consist of a lot of cricket, leaving Sundays for chillaxing. He loves a good schnitty, and is still on the hunt for the best one in town!

Akshay has spent a great couple of years with HYP – one year as a member and one on the board and in 2017 will continue with his work on the board. It has helped him develop skills outside of work, such as communications and marketing and has provided him with some fantastic opportunities.

The reason he become a board member again this year was to ensure that HYP continues to exist and grow and other young professionals are presented with similar opportunities as he was.