President’s welcome

Impact def: a marked effect or influence.

This year we will be exploring the concept of impact; what impacts us as young professionals, and how we as young professionals can make an impact. Simon Sinek said ‘Genius is in the idea. Impact, however, comes from action’. Through our calendar of events you will learn from influential leaders how you can take action to make an impact.

HYP is a community for professionals. What is a professional you may ask? I define professional as someone who is passionate about their cause. You do not need a stamp, a rubber seal or a piece of paper to prove that you are a professional or to become a member. We invite you to join our collective conversation as we seek to make an impact upon our community.

HYP exists to show that there is a professional and personal path for everyone in Newcastle, we really can have our cake (lifestyle) and eat it too (work and play).

I look forward to working with our new Board to take you, our members, to new venues to explore new concepts and meet new people throughout 2017.

Oh and if you are a HYP alumnus, please sing out, we would like to hear your story!


– James Callender, President