The applications are in and we are pleased to announce the nominees for the 2018 Board of Directors. It is now up to YOU to decide who will be the next leaders of HYP.

To vote for your 2018 board you must be a registered voting member present at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Queens Wharf Hotel on Tuesday January 30 at 5.30pm. Ensure you have registered if you would like to attend the AGM.

Like all good organisations, it is important that we have the right people on our team. For this reason we would like you to carefully consider the experience and skill set of each applicant and how they can best contribute and represent you. 

At the AGM, Executive positions will be voted upon first, followed by Non-Executive Directors that will make up specialist Sub Committees – Communications, Sponsorship, Membership and Events. Here are the nominees:

 Nominee  First Preference  Second Preference
 Alex Hardy  Treasurer  Sponsorship Sub Committee
 Annie Jiang  President  Vice President
 Ben Slack  Communications Subcommittee  Events Sub Committee
 Cassie Costovski  Events Subcommittee  Sponsorship Sub Committee
 Chanel Egan  Secretary  Communications Sub Committee
 Iskander Azizuddin  Communications Sub Committee  Events Sub Committee
 Jimmy Fay  Membership Sub Committee
 Jorja Cowan  Communications Sub Committee  Events Sub Committee
 Karen Hearnden  Events Sub Committee  Membership Sub Committee
 Lauren Armstrong  President
 Madeleine Tiedeman  Vice President  Sponsorship Sub Committee
 Ryan Houston  Membership Sub Committee  Sponsorship Sub Committee
 Sam Slack-Smith  Events Sub Committee  Membership Sub Committee
 Stephanie Miller  Vice President  Secretary
 Tamara Tancred  Sponsorship Sub Committee  Communications Sub Committee

We strongly recommend that Executive Directors are promoted from within the organisation to ensure a smooth transition and the continued growth of HYP. Please consider the following position descriptions when voting for Executive Directors at the AGM:

This year we asked nominees to answer ‘Why they want to become the next leader of HYP’. View their responses and find out more about them on Facebook before voting.