The venue typified contemporary design, the menu married flavour with presentation and the speakers amplified the passion of Proactive Novocastrians. No wonder the HYP 2014 Launch was sold out weeks in advance.

HYP members circulated about the creative space of Newcastle’s The Edwards, treating their palate to the tantalising canapés crafted especially for the launch. Partner in The Edwards, Tim Leveson, welcomed HYP members into his most recent project and spoke of his attraction to Newcastle. Leveson alluded to the myriad of opportunities that exist in this city and encouraged HYP members to be active in supporting the development of creative pursuits which are beginning to forge the future of Newcastle.

A creative himself, Roderick Smith is said to have a way with words. As Chairman of Renew Newcastle, sole legal practitioner, and artist, Smith eloquently conveyed his passion for the cultural community of Newcastle. Smith was instrumental in the development and successful implementation of the Renew strategy for urban renewal in Newcastle, citing calculated risk as the key to being alive to opportunities outside of your comfort zone.

Opportunism emerged as the resonating theme of the launch and Michael Neilson of Newcastle Now capitalised on this with his revelation of the exciting changes happening within the city of Newcastle. Neilson engaged HYP members by fielding the ‘when and where’ questions, providing a behind the scenes insight into the future of Newcastle.

Leveson, Smith and Neilson inspired HYP members to become active Novocastrians through transaction and Proactive Novocastrians through opportunity. You can support growth by transacting with local businesses and stimulate development by embracing your inner creative and take a calculated risk on your ‘…I would love to …’ thoughts.

– James Callender