From a ladder to a path and from a climb to a journey; those who attended the 2014 HYP Gold Partner Event may now take the scenic route to navigate their career, enjoying the view along the way.

The event was presented by HYP Gold Partner; The University of Newcastle, at the former residence of influential Newcastle BHP Steel Works Manager, David Baker; The Grand Bella Vista Mayfield. Intimately lit by candlelight and scented with roses, the venue catered well for this sold out HYP event.

Aspiring corporates and passionate professionals heard from two very inspirational women with diverse and remarkable career experience and advice. Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of nib Health Funds, Michelle McPherson, let passion pave the way for her presentation. Despite some referring to Michelle’s executive role as ‘the top’, Michelle depicts her corporate career as one permeated by opportunities and does not know where the ‘top’ is for herself. Quoting Quentin Bryce, “You can have it all, but not all at the same time”, Michelle credits timely choices and passion to a rewarding career journey.

Anne Long, Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Charitable Foundation mentioned the most rewarding experience of her career to date was receiving a $20,000 cheque to host a Christmas lunch for the homeless. Anne has been fortuned a number of opportunities within the not-for-profit sector, highlighting the importance of relationships in ones career journey and teaching us that comfort is the enemy of learning.

Without passion the world doesn’t spin! Find your passion and let it guide your career journey; include others in your journey to build your network; and make timely choices to maintain momentum and a change of scenery along the way. Look not for the top but for opportunities that may present themselves to you as a leader of tomorrow.

– James Callender