Professional Development Partnerships

HYP offers the opportunity to be involved in a Professional Development Partnership to proactive local businesses that are passionate and committed to supporting and shaping the future of their stand out employees.

The opportunity exists for local businesses to support the development of our future leaders whilst deriving tailored corporate value. The professional development partnerships are in the form of a scholarship that activates a range of opportunities for young professionals, helping to fast track their development into a well-rounded businessperson. This partnership represents a company’s unique commitment to their young employees to assist in their development as the leaders of tomorrow.

Through this partnership, HYP is committing to an education pathway for those on a scholarship, which will deliver access to resources and funding for the individual in the following ways:

  • Regular mentoring meetings with a HYP Director (this could be the same two alternating HYP mentors or a different mentor each time)
  • “Buddy” system for events – for each event the scholarship recipient will be assigned a HYP Director to facilitate the introduction of connections
  • Invitation to attend two HYP board meetings per 12-month scholarship period in an observational capacity, to help gain insight into the operation of a not-for-profit board
  • One non-transferrable ticket to each HYP event – including professional development workshops
  • Up to $200 sponsorship to attend networking events/relevant skills-building workshops (outside of HYP events)
  • Regular access and introduction to like-minded professionals for accelerated professional development.

This partnership presents a large and powerful resource to local businesses, as our community-minded members are committed to supporting the growth and development of their peers and community. The HYP board propose to coordinate and harness this energy through the establishment of key points of contact between HYP and local businesses to facilitate ongoing and mutually beneficial exercises.

“The Professional Development Program I undertook with the Hunter Young Professionals was fantastic! As part of the program, I was able to attend monthly board meetings to observe how the board functioned and I could compare this to how our board at Klosters operates. I also got to attend a Newcastle Now board meeting and was able to meet some key people in the community. The workshops were highly valuable and gave me insight into developing and promoting my own personal brand. Being of a very shy and reserved nature, it helped push me out of my comfort zone and I developed some valuable relationships with people I would have not normally crossed paths with. Most importantly, the program changed my perception of the term Networking. HYP really shakes this up and gives it a whole new meaning. HYP takes it beyond just ‘talking to other professionals’ – it is so much more than that. I could not recommend this program enough for someone who is looking to develop themselves not only professionally, but also personally”.

  • Sean Carter, Service Manager, Kloster BMW


Cost: $1,500 per individual (maximum of two individuals per partner organisation)

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