Past events

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Going Global 12 October 2017

HYP members are invited to experience an evening of global proportions inside Newcastle’s NeWest landmark attraction: the University of Newcastle’s NeW Space. Hear from leaders about expanding economic networks, the professional opportunities available in today’s global world and accessing these...

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Goal Setting Workshop 24 August 2017

Join us for what will be the first in a series of three facilitated workshops designed to promote an understanding of the three key areas impacting your effectiveness as a leader: your self, your team and your business. The first...

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Show up for a showdown between colleagues, friends and HYP members at HYP’s Annual Trivia night, one of the most popular events on our calendar each year. This is a chance to amaze people with your extraordinary knowledge of topics...

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What Impact Do Your Social Relationships Have on You? 28 June 2017

They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. The people who you are closest with play a significant role in shaping who we are and who we become by affecting our way...

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Discover Your Professional X-Factor 25 May 2017

The most successful companies and professionals of today are those who manage to tap into their x-factor or uniqueness. This hands-on, workshop style event featuring a special presentation from our highly regarded guest and Director of Forsythes Recruitment, Geoff Crews,...

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Newcastle Jets

Managing Partnerships and Athletes 1 April 2017

Excellence. Championships. Idols. Fame. Glory. The elusive athlete world is a world very few of us have the privilege of experiencing. From the outside looking in, it is a world where dreams are brought to life, but is this really...

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2017 Launch Event 16 March 2017

Big bangs and hitting the ground running, that’s what you do at the start of the year right? Wrong – that is so last year! It’s all about headphones and roaming on the spot. Enter VRXP, bringing high-end virtual reality...

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